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College Products

Moving Campus Living to a Higher Level

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Turning Residence Hall Rooms into Homes

College Products is a dynamic company that specializes in partnering directly with student housing departments at colleges and universities across the nation providing products to help students turn their rooms into HOMES.   We supply patented steel lofting system systems that allow students to loft their beds without taking school provided furniture out of the room.  College Products carries the MicroChill® brand (MicroChill) of compact fridge/freezers and fridge/freezer/microwave combo units.  We also carry an auxiliary line of products:  Big Hoss™ futons and QuicKey™ personal safes (meeting a fast-growing need across many college campuses).

Want to know more about our awesome eco-friendly products and green practices, keep on scrolling!  Or if you are a student/parent ready to place an order for your “dorm” amenities please type in the web address provided on your school literature in your search bar or scroll down to enter the city in which your school is located.  Please note, all products pictured on our homepage may not be available at your school.

The “Green” Factor: Eco-Friendly Products

College Products focuses both on meeting the needs of students, and also being stewards of this great planet on which we live!  Our products are made of recyclable steel and are eco-friendly.  Even the refrigerant used in the MicroChill® brand of refrigerators is all natural, has zero ozone depleting potential and a very minimal global warming contribution.  Learn more about our green work.

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We Root for You. Partner with College Products

Our school partners are not just notches on our business belt, they are friends and part of our College Products family.  That is why we customize every aspect of our partnerships with each school to meet the needs and goals of their specific departments. From the products offered, to your commission earned from every rental and sale, you have a voice in the process and we want to hear it!  Whether you are looking for a student rental program, a school lease program or straight purchase, we will work to meet your needs. With our 20 years of experience we are confident that we will exceed your expectations!



Great Customer Service

We, at College Products, pride ourselves in serving our schools and your students with elite customer service.  With customized web ordering sites for each school and live phone operators, we take serving your students as serious business.  We know that our service directly reflects back on your department and we want parents and students singing your praises!