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Have a quick question? Check out our frequently asked questions to see if the answer is there! If you don’t find what you’re looking for, shoot us a quick email or call the office at 712-948-3250 or cs@collegeproducts.com. We’re always happy to help!

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End of Lease Return
What should i do with my rented loft at the end of the year?

Signs may be posted around campus prior to finals week detailing where and when you need to return your loft to College Products. Emails will also be sent to the email address you submitted to us when your order was processed. Loft/Microchill units not returned at the specified times will be charged an improper checkout fee of $50.00. Lofts/Microchills not returned to College Products will be charged a replacement cost of $400.00.

Need to Return Early?

We would be happy to assist you.  Please contact our office and provide your name, hall, room and cell phone number letting us know you would like to return your product.  We will confirm the information with your order and then contact our Campus Manager to arrange the collection.  Please remember, the Campus Manager will need to call and coordinate a pick-up day and time.  That means you will need to watch for their call!  To contact us call or email us at 712-948-3250 or cs@collegeproducts.com


Early Return Fee?

If a student chooses to terminate this rental agreement prior to end of agreement the LESSEE will be assessed an Early Termination Fee of $25.00 by LESSOR while school is in session.

Improper Return Fee?

A $50.00 improper checkout fee is assessed to all Rental Unit(s) not returned during specified returns dates and times.

Abandonment Fee???

If LESSEE abandons Rental Unit an additional $75.00 fee is assessed. Abandonment is described as not in the LESSEE’s possession.


Will I get a refund?

If you place an order and decide to cancel before you arrive at school, we will refund 90% of your total order.  If you cancel your order the day of freshman move-in day or later, the following guidelines will apply: Freshman Move in Day–7 days 80%, 8–14 days 70%, 15–21 days 50%, 22–35 days 25%, After 35 days No refund.

How will my refund be issued?

You will receive your refund as a credit back to the credit card used to make the order.  If you did not use a credit card while placing the order, your refund will be mailed to your home address within 4-6 weeks.


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Can I give my roommate/friend my rented products?
Transferring to another student

Transferring your rented loft or refrigerator to your roommate or neighbor is a wonderful choice if you decide you don’t need/want to use the products anymore.  Since there is no refund after the first 30 days the product is in your possession, …someone else might as well use it!  That is why we allow students to transfer their rental products to another student for a $10.00 processing fee, to be paid for by the receiving student.  That’s right, no cancellation fees involved.  We simply need the original renter to tell us to whom they want to transfer the product and then have the new person fill out the transfer form online.  It’s that simple.  It literally takes less than 5 minutes to complete the whole process.

If you have any questions you can call us at  1-712-948-3250.


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What if I change rooms?

Like all your other personal belongings, you must move the loft or Microchill with you to your new room.  Make sure you notify College Products by giving us a call to update your new room number. 712-948-3250 or email cs@collegeproducts.com


Who will move my Loft or Microchill?

Unless otherwise stated, students are responsible for moving lofts.  College Products will relocate rented MicroChill® units to another room on campus for a small fee. You will first need to complete the Relocation Order online. We will then schedule the relocation of the MicroChill® with the student if school is in session, or with the assistance of an escort during breaks .


Are my items shipped to my home or campus?

Unless otherwise noted all our rental and sales items are shipped directly to campus.

Tax and Processing

Although you are ordering on the College Products.com website, you must pay tax on your order.  Since our company has a presence on the college campus, we are required to collect and pay sales tax on each order.  College Products charges a processing fee on every order that is processed through our website.

Warranty icon-warranty


Should you have a concern about a rug or mat that you purchased through our site, please call the office and we can contact the production plant for you.  712-948-3250 or email cs@collegeproducts.com


Futons purchased from College Products have a limited parts warranty.  Please refer to your school’s ordering page for specific warranty information on the futon you purchased.  Should you have issues with your sofa/futon, please e-mail cs@collegeproducts.com a picture of the issue for evaluation. A customer service representative will evaluate the issue and contact you with options available according to the warranty.


Safes have a limited 90 day warranty.  Should you have an issue with your safe, please call the office at 712-948-3250 or email cs@collegeproducts.com to speak with a customer service representative.

MicroChill® Units

Warranties for MicroChill® units vary by model number.  If you are experiencing problems with a MicroChill® Unit that you purchased from College Products, please call our office at 712-948-3250 or email cs@collegeproducts.com and speak with a customer service representative.

Rental Items

Any items rented/leased from College Products such as lofts, loft kits, and various MicroChill® units are under full warranty and will be assessed for immediate repair or replacement.  We want to take care of you as soon as there is a problem, so please don’t wait!  Call our office at 712-948-3250 or email cs@collegeproducts.com  as soon as an issue arises with a rented item.