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Funky Extras

College Products Exclusive Offerings

Along with our fridge and lofting options, we also offer two other room staples that add a little taste of home to a “dorm” room.  On top of that, these items are eligible for additional commission with every purchase your students make! Check out our exclusive futons that complement our loft systems and our personal safes that give an added sense of security to students and parents.


Sit On It

The Big Hoss Futon™

At College Products, we designed and manufactured a highly durable (and eco-friendly) steel futon to withstand use and abuse of college living.  This futon quickly become the workhorse of the futons we carried, so we’ve named it “The Big Hoss™.”  Made from heavy gauge single steel tube construction, this futon comes with an extra thick mattress which really makes it a popular student choice.  In fact, it has been so popular and dependable that we now only carry this option!  As an added bonus, we have the extra parts should a student lose a hinge or a part moving it from home to school and back again.


Safeguard Your Belongings

QuicKey™ Personal Safes

You work hard to keep your res halls safe, but sometimes parents need a little extra peace of mind.  That’s where the QuicKey™ safes come into play.  These steel constructed safes can be tethered to a permanent fixture in the room to ensure they don’t walk away! Perfect for small laptops, passports, money, and more, the QuicKey™ personal safe is the perfect compartment for a student’s money, electronics, passports, and treasured belongings.