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We understand how important it is for you to have all of your furniture remain in the students rooms throughout the year.  We also understand the students’ desire to customize their living space and transform it into the coolest room on their floor.  Lofting options from College Products is the SOLUTION!


Our patented lofting options allow the students to loft your school provided beds, adding more living space and ultimately more satisfaction with their new home.  It’s a win-win; students are happy because they can customize their rooms and you are happy because none of the furniture leaves the room!  We also include the best safety rail on the market with each and every loft order. That means you as a department can sleep better at night knowing your students are safe!


Let’s not forget how fast and easy it is to assemble our lofts.  They come with everything you need to set them up.  That’s right; no tools necessary.  See for yourself by watching the assembly videos under each product below.             

Patented Loft Kit

Our loft kit has become the most popular option with the current bed frames in most residence halls.  They are designed to loft a complete wooden or metal bed without having to disassemble it.  These loft kits are patented to expand in length and width and are designed to work with all sizes of residence hall beds that have a headboard and footboard.  The kit itself is available in two standard heights, tall and short.  We work with you to determine which height will work best for your rooms on campus.  Factors we consider when determining which to use are whether the bed frame you currently have is adjustable in height, as well as what the ceiling height of the room is.  We include our securely attaching safety rail with every order.  Each of our kits also have ladder and shelf options available.  Pair that with no tools being needed for assembly and you have a true crowd pleaser with this loft kit!  Just take a few minutes to watch the easy instructional video, and you will be set!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYHOmkI_Wr4           

Traditional Loft

A traditional loft is what we use for schools that have simple metal bedframes.  The loft is assembled and then the simple metal frame provided by the school is set on top or inside the support platform of the loft.  These lofts adjust to 5 different height settings to accommodate student preference and ceiling heights.  All lofts come with a safety rail that securely attaches to the loft itself. Traditional Lofts have a unique feature other loft systems don’t: the “L” bracket option.  You can use what we refer to as “L Brackets” to join two lofted beds together and slide them into a corner of the room, making it perfect for triple rooms, creating added floor space.  Just like our Loft Kits, our Traditional Lofts are easy to assemble–no tools needed.  Just take a few minutes to watch the easy instructional video, and you will be set! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvBSn0CYPeg                                

Simple Bed Frames

We also offer a simple steel bedframe that adjusts in height and is compatible with our lofting products.  These units are available for purchase or school lease.  The beds are a perfect choice for overflow needs as well as a low-cost solution if your old bedframes are in need of replacement.  We know that upgrading furniture across campus can be costly, so we give schools the opportunity to lease the simple bed frames.  This works especially well for our schools where over 50% of student rent lofts.  We offer schools the opportunity to off-set the lease price with loft rentals to create super affordable option.  If any of these options seem like the right fit, contact us at 712-226-3250 to learn more about what College Products can do for you.