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MicroChill® Campus Fridges

MicroChill® refrigerator/freezers and certified combination appliances are eco-friendly, and that’s just one of the many reasons why we at College Products love them!  In 2014 MicroChill® was the first company with compact units designed specifically for college students to introduce to the market an eco-friendly unit that uses all natural refrigerant (R600a).  MicroChill® has been leading the way by possessing the most energy efficient units on the market.  This year is no different, MicroChill® announced that their kWh rating has dropped yet again!  Operating at 199 kWh and pulling just 0.39 amps to run, these units continue to be industry leaders in energy efficiency.  College Products provides sales, school lease and student rental options for these appliances, with programs that are customized to your needs!

Why MicroChill® Combos Are Your Best Choice

Why is a combination appliance such a great option for your halls?  When students bring units from home, they tend to be purchased from a big box store (far from efficient in their energy consumption) and then each separate appliance is plugged into an outlet in the room.  Couple those appliances with all of the other electronics the students bring such as TVs, computers, printers, gaming systems, and more; think of how much energy this draws from each room!  Combination appliances were designed specifically to combat this issue, making your residence halls more energy efficient.

A combination appliance has an outlet on the back of the microwave where the fridge is plugged in, making the microwave the only part of the unit that has to be plugged into the wall.  These appliances also have an internal switching mechanism that regulates the power so only one of the appliances can draw energy at a time.  MicroChill® went one step further, offering a UL certified Tamper Resistant Strap System (TRS System) to ensure that students cannot plug both of the appliance cords into the wall socket and override the energy saving feature.  That means that a MicroChill® Combination Appliance will help decrease the chance of blowing a circuit and protect the power switching capabilities of the product.  Couple this with a decreased energy consumed by using the most energy efficient refrigerators in your halls and you will be saving money on electrical costs!

MicroChill® Product Options

College Products carries several sizes and options of MicroChill® products. Above you will see the most popular options used on college campuses across the country.  Make sure to check out our new MicroChillⓇ Defender Series Microwaves and Combination Appliances.  The Defender Series™ microwaves incorporate internal smoke sensing circuitry that shuts off the microwave is smoke is sensed.

Don’t see a MicroChill® option that fits your needs or space?  Don’t worry.  If you have a special project requiring a different size you don’t see listed here, please contact us.  We have access to the full MicroChill® line of products.