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Our Team

We are beyond proud of the team we have assembled at College Products.  Every person behind the scenes helps to make our work and yours a success.  From our knowledge of the products to our enthusiasm for every new partnership we build and maintain, you will see the value in partnering with College Products.  We love working with each other every day and we are confident you will love working with our team too!

Eric Hennings - "The Chief"


This Bronson, Iowa native founded College Products while attending the University of South Dakota.  He has worked over the past 20 years to grow the company to a national leader in the industry.  He is known for jumping in and helping in every aspect of the company from customer service to manual labor loading trucks.  This fun loving guy loves spending time with his wife and two children on the slopes in the winter and boating on the water in the summer months!

Reese Coffee - "The Rock"

Product Development & Logistics

This Beresford, South Dakota native spends his time perfecting our products.  Reese’s background in fabrication, mechanics, sales and logistics, allows him to focus on perfecting and expanding our product line.  With six years direct experience with College Products, Reese has become an integral cog in our team.  When not racing around our warehouses helping to guide our logistics and product development teams, he and his crew chief Kari can be found keeping the pace with their 4 kids at various sporting events.  When he can find the time, Reese can also be found racing in a modified stock car!

Veronica Colyer - "The Financer"

Finance & Customer Service

This Salix, Iowa native has spent 18 years in finance development and customer service learning all she could from that wild and crazy ride called life.  In the 6 years she has been with College Products she has organized, and lead a team of customer service agents to elite status.  Taking a personal approach and calling our school partners herself is just one of the attributes of this leader.  When not keeping us all here in line regarding our spending, she is at home with her hoard of animals!  With 3 dogs, a cat, a turtle and some fish she has quite a zoo at her house (and that doesn’t even count her husband)!

Mary Freeman - "The Jokester"

Marketing & Customer Relations

A Hawkeye from birth this Coralville, Iowa native has made Sergeant Bluff her home for the last 21 years.  This Briar Cliff University Alum has extensive experience in sales and customer relations that translated over the past four years into an effective and organized Customer Service department here at College Products.  Even though Iowa is land-locked, this woman is a Beach Bum!  She spends all her free time at Lake Okoboji boating and enjoying time with her husband and kids.  She is also well known for her sense of humor and awesome pranks…..don’t sit down around her unless you make sure there isn’t an air horn taped to the bottom of your chair, right Jordan!?

Jim Feddersen - "The Organizer"

Warehousing & Logistics

He was born and now he lives.  He is old but we love him anyway.  He does stuff and never complains.  He organizes the warehouse like a boss.  He likes motorcycles and sports cars.  Jim also loves fruity drinks with whip cream and umbrellas!

Matt Mihalik - The Socialite


Born and raised on the coasts, this newcomer to the Midwest enjoys not having a wife, children and/or pets the most! A graduate of the University of Delaware alongside Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Flacco, he enjoys traveling and is getting close to his goal to visit all 50 states. With a background in business and sales, Matt has enjoyed the challenges of working in this competitive market. Some people say he coined the phrase “Netflix and Chill”. His business card just says “I’ll call you.” His TPS Reports don’t need cover sheets. He is…..the most social man in Sioux City.


Brandon Siebersma - The Youngster


Raised in Orange City, Iowa, this Dutchmen enjoys hitting the weights and spending time with his dog, and occasional office mascot, Charlie. College Products may be his first full-time job, but 4 years of sales experience has made transitioning to College Products sales team a breeze! While a lot of his time is dedicated to adding new clients and managing current customer accounts, you can also find him traveling the country representing College Products at various conferences!


Jennifer Hughes - The fixer

Customer Service

This Sioux City native brings over 10 years of experience to the table. Jennifer strives to find a resolution to any and all issues that arise, on the phone or in the office. When she’s not helping our customers with their issues and concerns, she can be found fixing “Bam-Bam” or anything else once left for broken. When she’s not at work she’s mom to the most-awesome 4-year-old on the planet and they keep themselves busy with sports, trips to the park, or sledding in the winter.