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Viterbo University

Loft - Shelf


Add a Shelf

Product Description

Add a Shelf

Adding a shelf to your loft gives you a place to put items while you are in bed.  Without a shelf you will need to toss items down to the couch or floor below.  Student's who have rented a shelf use it for:

Eye Glasses • Cell Phone • TV Remote • Fan • Alarm Clock • Drink • Books or Magazines

  • Easily attaches to either the safety rail or any of the 4 corners of the loft (varies by institution). 
  • Shelf Dimensions: (Length 15" x Width 9" x Height 1") 

85% of all students order a shelf with their loft!

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Loft - Ladder


Add a Side ladder

Product Description

The side ladder provides an accessible option to get in and out of your loft.  Students have reported it being much easier to climb the slightly inclined side ladder compared to the standard 90 degree ladder legs that come with the loft or loft kit. 

The side ladder easily attaches on to the frame of the bed.

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Loft - Rail

This Safety Rail accessory is in addition to the rail that comes with the loft.
Product Description

A safety rail is provided with every loft rental.

ONLY order this if you feel the need to order an additional safety rail for the other side of the bed.

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Loft - Insurance

Rental Insurance
Product Description

Rental Insurance - Covers:

  • Lost or missing knobs ($5 each without insurance)
  • Any damage acquired through assembly, disassembly, or normal use
  • Early Termination Fee of $25 up to April 1st if student would need to return loft before the end of rental contract
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Microchill 3.2 Single - Purchase


Microchill 3.2 Refrigerator Purchase


Included Items

  • Rental Unit
  • MicroChill – 3.2 Single

Product Description

MicroChill Total Capacity - 3.2 cu. ft. *Complies with College Power Usage Guidelines

  • Refrigerator - 2.3 cu. ft. 
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Recessed handle
  • Full-range temperature control
  • Flush back with internal coils
  • Adjustable glass shelf
  • Optional reversible door
  • Clear, full-width vegetable and fruit crisper drawer
  • Manual defrost
  • Can rack
  • Clear crisper shelf
  • Adjustable leveling legs
  • Freezer - .90 cu. ft.
  • True 0 degree freezer
  • Freezer door shelf Dimensions: Height: 33.5" Width: 18.7" Depth: 19.5" Weight: 57 lbs.
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Futon - Cover



FREE Shipping to your home address.

Cover your mattress now; before it needs to be covered!!

Product Description
Cover your mattress; with a washable futon cover!!


Wrap your futon mattress with personality and style.  Our futon covers provide a protective barrier against the dirt and grime of everyday college life.  Add matching or contrasting pillows to create your own style. 


Cover Features:

  • Three sided zipper for easy installation
  • Machine Wash: Cold / Tumble or Hang Dry
  • Fits 6 to 8 inch full sized futon mattresses
  • Microfiber, Suede & twill fabrics to choose from
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QuicKey Safe

Product Description

Wide Strong Box Safe

  • Extra Wide Opening for storage of laptop computers, Ipad and other Extra valuables
  • 2 action steel locking bolts and conceled hinges provide greater security
  • Can be securely attached to a bed frame or other furniture with use of the INCLUDED cable 
  • Includes 2 AA Batteries
  • Dimensions are 20 1/4" wide by 14 5/8" deep by 8" high
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Early Termination Fee


Early Termination Fee

By paying this Early Termination Fee, you are acknowledging that you are terminating your contract prior to the end of your rental agreement. For further information about returning your product, call us at 1-800-875-0457, 48 to 72 hours before you move. 


Product Description

Early Termination Fee

By paying this Early Termination Fee, you are acknowledging that you are terminating your contract prior to the end of your rental agreement. For further information about returning your product, call us at 1-800-875-0457, 48 to 72 hours before you move. 


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Improper Check out Fee


Improper Check-Out Fee

Product Description

College Products will hold specific loft return dates and times for students to return their loft units.  If your loft unit is not returned during these times, College Products will charge an Improper Checkout Fee.

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Abandonment Fee


Abandonment Fee

Product Description

Abandonment fees will be assessed if we are not contacted and the loft is left in room or hallway.

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In order to verify the transfer, we need the students name as it appears on the original order. Please enter below.

Call us at 1-800-875-0457 after placing this transfer order, so we can finalize the process.

Product Description

Transferring your rented loft or refrigerator to your roommate or neighbor is a wonderful choice if you decide you don’t need/want to use the products anymore.  Since there is no refund after the first 30 days and it is paid for, someone might as well use it!  That is why we allow students to transfer their rental product to another student for a $10.00 processing fee, to be paid for by the receiving student. That’s right, no cancellation fees involved.  We simply need the original renter to tell us to whom they want to transfer the product and then have the new person call us to provide their personal information.  It’s as simple as a phone call to our office and literally takes less than 5 minutes to complete the whole process.

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Distribution / Return Information


While placing your order - if you do not yet know your hall and room number, or your Student ID, you can utilize "Unknown" for your hall and insert "000" for both your room number and Student ID.  However, when you do learn this information make sure that you call the office to get this information updated in the system. 



College Products will provide move-in day support and late order distribution.  If you ordered after our August 1st delivery cut-off date or are in need of assistance we will be glad to help.



Loft will remain in the room when you leave Campus!  Just leave it where it stands.  Please remove any added stickers, tape, or decals.


OFFICE: 712-948-3250

Monday - Friday (8AM - 5PM CST)



College Products has partnered with Viterbo University to provide you with options.  Our products will assist you in creating your new home away from home.


College Products delivers all ordered products to campus.  When your order is placed by August 1st, your items will even be delivered to your room prior to the student move-in day! 





College Products will be able to assist you anytime throughout the academic school year. Our campus manager can assist you with new orders, product related issues, or cancellations.